It All Starts With Hearing.

Hearing helps your baby blast off to their full potential. Learn more about the Newborn Hearing Screening (NHS) and why it's important.

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Hearing is important for early brain development.

When sound travels from your baby's ears to their brain, it creates connections that help prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Learn how hearing helps their brain grow

What to expect at your baby's hearing test

The NHS is safe, quick, and painless. Knowing the results and how to follow up are important for your baby's future.

See how the test works
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If your baby fails, we can help.

If your baby doesn't pass their screening, or the results are unclear, we're here to help guide you through what to do next.

Know the next steps
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Try to read aloud to your baby 15 minutes a day. It's a great way to build their brain while getting in some precious snuggle time! Kids who hear at least 40 million words or more by the age of four develop stronger early language skills and do better in school.

Tips to start building your baby's brain.

Created in partnership with BabyCenter, this toolkit includes helpful tips and suggestions to give your baby a great start.

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Hearing First

This site is brought to you by Hearing First. We want all children born in the United States to benefit from the availability of newborn hearing screening and for parents to learn the status of their baby's hearing first. Parents will be empowered to know the results of the NHS and to follow-up quickly when needed so their children can reach their full potential.

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